Introduction to Syndication

If you have a website or in-house database with your current offers, you probably want to make sure they are seen by as many people as possible. Although computers can do lots of things, they still have a lot of trouble talking to each other. You need to get your data out of your system and over to somewhere else (in this case, Just Landed). 

So, how do I do that then? 

You need to send your information in a structured way. This might sound complicated, but this is pretty much the reverse of what happens when you fill in a form on a website (you are providing structured data). In simple terms, this means that when you describe an offer you present each bit of it in the same way, the description is labeled a description, the price a price, etc.

OK, and that means?

Basically, you need to make your current system which holds the data produce a big file with all (or the most recent stuff) in it. 

Technically this is not very difficult. If you are dependent on external providers which like billable hours or are not very technically capable, they may try to tell you different and then attempt to charge stupid amounts of money. If you have control over your code and infrastructure we may be able to do this for you, but there would be a charge for billable hours.

When there is a file available, what happens? 

We schedule a fetch from our servers on a regular (normally daily) basis. We then process the information and put it in our database, collecting images if applicable. Your offers are then available to Just Landed's audience and you will start to receive quality leads and enquiries.

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