Feed delivery and pickup


UTF-8 is the preferred character encoding as this will usually produce the least problems. If your feed has another character encoding, please tell us.


Please configure your web server to deliver the file with gzip compression. This will save your bandwidth.


We need a URL which we can make a request to which will deliver back the file, eg http://www.yoursite.com/rss/yourfeed.rss


We can pick up feeds which require authentication using common methods. Please make sure you provide this information when you provide the URL. 


We normally pick up feeds daily. If you need this to happen during a particular time period for instance you generate the feed at 00:01 UTC and want us to pick it up when it is ready from 00:30 UTC onwards you could tell us to pick it up from 01:00-06:00 UTC. If you need us to pick up the feed more or less regularly than daily please specify  your preference when providing the feed.