Why syndicate?

Just Landed is popular destination for people moving or living abroad; each month, we have over 2 million visitors per month. Many of our users are looking for a property to buy or rent on our service here: https://housing.justlanded.com and for jobs here: https://jobs.justlanded.com. Expats are typically higher income and better educated than average and represent an increasing part of all national markets (in many OECD countries this is over 10%, in urban areas, much higher). We already provide results for a variety of customers: 

Automatically syndicating your offers to Just Landed is an effective way to receive new leads, through these different contact options: 

Is this suitable for me?

If you have under 50 offers, it may be more cost-efficient to post them manually. 

Is it free? 

No. RSS Syndication is a chargeable service. Costs are based on measurable activity and results, so it is normally a very cost-efficient to generate new business.

What would I need to do? 

Generate a file containing your offers which we can pick up and process. You can either use a feed you already have or build one according to our specifications:

How do I get started?

We have various plans to suit partners of different sizes, contact us for more information